Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Women Want

The book also includes advice from celebrities. Madonna, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz share their views on dating in "That's What She Said: Women Reveal What Mean Really Need to Know." The book was put together by Punk'd producer TJ Jefferson. Moore's husband, Ashton Kutcher, writes a forward in the book.

Amazon.com touts the book as a good one for men and women to read together.

In the 224 page paperback book, you can find more than 100 tips from women around the world.

According to the description on Amazon, if you are looking for a one-night stand, this book is not going to help. "For men, it's not a book on how to get a woman to go home with you but on how to keep her attention once you have it. And for women, think of it as an entertaining look at what other ladies are going through. You may find vindication ("amen, sister") or put it down, relieved that you aren't "as crazy as her" or that your man isn't a complete cad."

The Amazon says the book includes sections on love, sex, beauty, lying, and listening and is "the ultimate look into the mind of today's modern woman."

"As a man I could only guess what women wanted us to know," Jefferson writes. "Sometimes you gotta go to the source. If you're toilet is backed up you don't call your dentist, you call a plumber. If you want to know something about a woman, do what I did - ask her. Trust me. She'll be more than happy to let you know what's on her mind."

Here are some tips that Moore, Madonna and Diaz gave:

"If you want to get our clothes off focus on what you're giving, not on what you can get! You may be able to score once - but we can smell the stink of selfish desires a mile away and are not interested." Moore says.

Madonna was brutally honest as always: "Women are here to smash man's ego, plain and simple. Accept this and life will be better."

Diaz wants to lose herself in the "wonder of love, beauty and sexiness."

One woman interviewed said that all women want significantly different things and that there is a huge difference between what a girl wants and what a woman wants. She says in order for a relationship to be successful each person needs to maintain their own separate life apart from their relationship as a couple.