Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom

Bacterial vaginosis can be the bane of your life. If you have ever suffered from this condition you'll know what I'm talking about! Just take a look on popular women's health forums and you'll find that posts for BV (bacterial vaginosis) have an enormous amount of viewings and replies.

So what exactly do you get? The eBook itself is well presented, and has 68 pages. It is written by someone who was a chronic sufferer of BV and has found a cure. You can read the eBook and digest all the information in a couple of hours, depending on how fast you can read. There's no nonsense fill in bits - it's all good information. The aim of the eBook is to cure BV using 3 steps in 3 days. Alas, I'm not able to spill all the beans and tell you the cure - that would be a little unfair and besides would probably result in this review being taken off the internet!

What I can tell you more or less are the contents. The eBook has 4 chapters. The first chapter goes through the specific symptoms and what can cause BV. Elena Peterson has tried many "cures" and seen many medical practitioners, which she talks about in this first chapter - which ends talking about the natural approach and how and why this is the best way for a permanent cure.

The second chapter is all about bacteria and antibiotics. The eBook doesn't recommend antibiotics for a permanent cure but talks about the natural balance of good and bad bacteria, your PH balance and what the effect of antibiotics is on this delicate balance in your body. I think that what she says about the dark side of antibiotics is very relevant!

The 3rd chapter is most likely holds the reason for your purchase (if you buy it). Here she gives the 3 step cure. It is simple yet effective. You could get this information free on the internet from forums etc, but it would take a lot of time and experimentation - which is why this eBook sells so well I guess. I have seen this information on medical and health forums, but it is usually amongst lots of other formulas and supposed cures. The 4th chapter wraps it up and gives more information on herbs that have also proven effective, and information on your diet which plays a major role in preventing the condition in the first place and making sure it doesn't come back!