Monday, December 26, 2011

Pregnancy Miracle Review - Lisa Olson's

Get Pregnant Fast

In Pregnancy Miracle, noted author and alternative health specialist Lisa Olson discusses every aspect of pregnancy in authoritative depth. This comprehensive guide reveals the secrets every woman needs to know in order to get pregnant fast. A simple, three-step system guides the mother-to-be through a formula guaranteed to cure infertility. In concise, lucid prose, she describes a method to restore balance and health to promote easy pregnancy.

Holistic Treatment

Lisa Olson has exhaustively researched the subject of infertility for 14 years. The process of trial and error led her to explore Chinese medicine. In her studies, she unlocked ancient, traditional wisdom to discover the key to holistic fertility. Pregnancy Miracle describes the causes of difficulty conceiving, and comprehensively explains the natural cure.

Female Infertility - Causes

Traditional Chinese medicine views the body and mind as one: infertility is a state of imbalance, weakness, or disease. Emotional causes of fertility are as real as physiological problems. A woman's lifestyle, her moods, and her attitude contribute to or detract from her vitality, affecting her fertility.

Female Infertility - The Natural Cure

The only way to treat infertility and get pregnant fast is to address both mind and body alike with ancient, yet clinically-tested methods such as those described by Pregnancy Miracle. The best means of alleviating emotional tension is to adopt a means of releasing stress via relaxation. Popular methods readily accessible include yoga, aromatherapy, and meditation. Simple breathing exercises with calming music playing in the background can prove very helpful to restoring emotional well-being. Acupressure, as well, stimulates the body and soothes the mind. Valuable complements to these methods of permanently resolving problems conceiving a baby include support groups, counseling services or psychotherapy, or even simple prayer. The key is to trust one's body, knowing that the womb will give life when properly nurtured.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Pregnancy Book

The book's subtitle is A Month-by-Month Guide and that is exactly how it is organized. Its chapters are organized by month; allowing expectant parents to progress at their own pace or devour it cover to cover as they wish. It is extremely thorough in covering each month...what is happening to the baby, how you might feel and suggestions of things you should think about at that point. One thing I adore about the book is that it includes a pregnancy diary for you to write in. Like all of their books, The Pregnancy Book makes excellent use of illustrations and text boxes to emphasize key points.

As always, the information in this book is accurate and an easy read. The Sears excel at taking complicated medical information and translating it into something that is understandable to the lay person...and fun to read. It is an amazing talent. Of course, being a paediatrician and nurse as well as the parents of eight children themselves; the Sears have the background to do the job.

My suggestion to clients and other expectant parents is buy this book early. Read each chapter at the beginning of the month, then skim it again mid to late month. Towards the end of the month, then fill in your pregnancy diary. It will be a lovely keepsake of this special time in your lives.

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Herstory" - Profiles of Women

I found the beginning chapters of "Herstory - Women Who Changed The World" edited by Ruth Ashby and Deborah Gore Ohrn (with an introduction by Gloria Steinhem), 1995, immensely interesting and, of course, maddening. Knowing that the suppression of women, after so many years of prehistoric egalitarian living, was orchestrated and plotted and schemed into being makes me feel angry.

Then, I began reading the profiles of these "women who changed history", as they are called by the editors. While I believe that books such as this one are invaluable for bringing to light the many women who were influential in the evolution of human civilization, I also take issue with some of these women and their acts of "greatness". Each woman's profile is written by a contemporary woman and over and over again I find that the author of the profile begins by saying what a good leader this person was, how they were a patron of the arts and culture, etc. But, later in the profile, as is the case of Cleopatra, we find that she lobbied Marc Antony to order the death of her sister in order to ensure her continued rule. Another such example is Wu Chao, the first woman emporer in Chinese history. She began as a concubine to Emporer Kao Tsung and bore him four sons and a daughter. She strangled her infant daughter in her crib in order to blame it on the childless empress so that she could take her place - which she did. In short, what I find is that these notable, historic women are no better than the men they are surrounded by. Ruthless, cruel, murdering, calculating are some of the adjectives that come to my mind. I would prefer to think of "Great Historic Women" as being kind, compassionate, merciful and wise. Even if these women managed to achieve great things for their countries and kingdoms, I disagree vehemently with their methods.

In sharp contrast, I also discovered Theodora of Constantinople, who was orphaned at the age of four, but managed to become Empress of the Byzantine Empire. Who did she kill to get there? Well, no one. She worked first as a dancer and actress and then as a wool spinner, where she met and fell in love with Justinian, the emperor's nephew. In order to marry Theodora, Justinian used his influence to change the current laws forbidding marriage between classes.